Modernize key areas of the Student Centre


At York University's Student Centre, Studio Z worked with colleagues at LBA and DJA Architect to re-invigorate the interior of the striking 1991 modern York university Student Center by Diamond Schmitt Architects., by removing several layers of ad-hoc interior renovations, and making the space current and vibrant with bright coloured seating and light surfaces.

The Commission included several projects:, the Food Court, the public corridors, Student Lounge areas, executive offices, meeting and club rooms, and the "Underground" bar and commercial kitchen.

Photography: Scott Norsworthy

Designed In Collaboration with David Agro Architect and Luc Bouliane Architect



Custom Designed Furniture for the Food Court

New ciruclar  feature lighting designed for the food court.

The existing Student Center light wells are re-invigorated with paint, flooring and custom designed seating.

The Exisitng Circualr Stair with new fisnihes.

The Food Court is modernized with new guardrail, lighting and furntiure.

The Student Center offices were completely renovated to include an open office environment.

Existing Furniture, Finishes and Lighting were removed, new paint, guardrail and furniture were installed.

The Food Court Mezzanine with new furniture.

Food Court with colorful accents.

Food Court with colorful accents

The existing Student Center light wells are re-invigorated with paint, flooring and custom designed seating.

Private offices were moved into the plan allwoing access to natural light for all staff

Mr Nathan loved to play soccer


Studio Z designed and oversaw the construction and installation of a memorial to commemorate the life of a very special teacher at Garden Ave Public School. The following is a speech which Zuzanna addressed students, parents and teachers at the memorial in June 2014.

"I think I speak for everyone; children, teachers and parents, that being greeted by the sight of Mr Nathan playing soccer every morning here in the sideyard with the children, was such a wonderful way to start the day. There was always a smile on his face, it was infectious.I would often hear him say to the children "Play On" "Play On".

In the early days after Mr. Nathan's passing a friend and mother sent me photos she had taken of him and there was one of him playing soccer with the kids in the sideyard. An idea began to form, a way for us to be greeted by him every morning in this space, his favourite space. I made a series of designs with his figure and the words Play On and sent it to Mrs Peterson as an idea. I didn't really expect it to go anywhere, I guess spending time designing this, tracing photographs and thinking of colors and shapes and how to mount it on the fence was my way of dealing with the grief. But days later I got a message from her saying "I love it, We've got to do this!" I am so thrilled that this was able to happen and I want to thank Mrs Peterson and the teachers at Garden who supported this. I also want to thank Mike Verity for so kindly helping with the installation.
The two words "Play On" are also significant because I know that Mr Nathan would want all the children he was so very fond of to keep playing here together, to learn, to grow, to remember him and to Play On."

The link for the Globe And Mail Article about Nathan Noel and his life can be found HERE.



Design Concept for Installation on Fence

Reviewing the letters in production

Final Installation in School Yard

Reviewing Production