‘Shou Sugi Ban’ Charred Wood Treatment


The design for the garage and sauna was inspired by Scandinavian style and their love for wood-burning saunas; housed in simple, rustic outbuildings.

The homeowner envisioned a space that “was less of a place to store a car and more as a place to live out all my studio and garden fantasies, and to make our home more functional.”

The beautiful charred wood cedar siding, accomplished on site by the contractor through a process called shou sugi ban wood, (burning the individual planks of cedar) provides a unique and wonderful texture and finish.

The Scandinavian theme extends to the roof where pine tar, a natural preservative often used on boats, bridges and wooden buildings in Scandinavia, was applied to each individual shingle on site to produce the traditional tarred shingle finish. 

Photography: Ryan Fung


Doors were built to blend into Black Wood siding

View of Garage and Sauna from Backyard