Indoor Rock Climbing Facility Renovation


In 2011 the iconic Rock Oasis was looking for a new downtown space for their indoor climbing facility which was being demolished to make way for a condominium project.

Studio Z was hired to design and oversee the construction and municipal approvals for the new gym. We worked with the owners to find an appropriate space for their operations. Among other requirements the future space would have to have at least 30' of clear height, and 15,000 s.f. of usable space, have ample natural light, be accessible by transit, and have adequate parking. After months of feasibility studies which included zoning reviews for specific properties, design layouts, and code reviews, we discovered the ideal space at 388 Carlaw.

The Carlaw Industrial Center is a heritage building complex , constructed in 1924, with tenants ranging from light industrial, sophisticated retail to creative professionals.

The climbing walls, bouldering area, reception, and office space were carefully designed through a detailed and lengthy process between client and architect. The new climbing walls were integrated with the existing industrial steel structure, new heating and electrical systems were installed and the space brought up to code for the new use.

Photography: Nicholas Moshenko


Climbing Walls integrated with the existing industrial steel structure

Climbing Walls integrated with the existing industrial steel structure